Our mission

We love water sports, especially all surf sports and practice them ourselves with enthusiasm. In addition, we appreciate good quality products developed by experienced designers. With our many years of experience in sales, management of surf shop and field service at surf brands, we want to pass on the joy of water sports to you and share it with you.

For us, the focus is on great, environmentally friendly products..

For us, sustainability is not a foreign word, but we have written it on the flag. The customer-specific advice allows you to find the best possible solution.

Our values

Our values are the inspiration for our daily work. Since we are passionate about what we do and have in-depth expertise, we can advise you in the best possible and especially customer-oriented way.

  • Quality: Difference through competence.
  • Passion: Since we are more than 70% water, we all carry the passion for water within us.
  • Sustainability: Respect the planet, respect the client.

Our products

We always select our products with the utmost care. Of course, we test the products for you in advance, very exciting are also the annual dealer meetings where we look directly with the brands for the exchange.

Our customers

Our customers love our wonderful, carefully selected products and our attentive service. In addition, you also appreciate that there are no stupid ones. We are happy to help.