INDIANA Surf/Sup Downwind Foil 1150DWR complete

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Foil Surfing/Wing-Surfing/Down-Wind Foiling

With the Indiana 1150 DWR Wing, downwinders in the sea or on the lake not only have a lot of fun, but you can also win downwind races. The mail leaves early and there are no limits to the top. It can be pumped well and connected to it easy waves. The 115 DWR Wing is also ideal for wing and wind foiling. The adjustment options of the new fuselage allow the angle and position of the stabilizer to be adjusted. This allows the stability and rotational ity of the foil to be changed according to taste. Comes with a high-quality protective cover.

Consists of:

  • Indiana Foil Stabilizer 550
  • Indiana Foil Front Wing 1150DWR
  • Indiana Foil Alu Mast 75cm (with Sleeve)
  • Indiana Foil Baseplate Alu (incl. Zinc Anode & Screws)
  • Indiana Foil Set of Mast / Fuselage Screws
  • Indiana Foil Set of Stab Angle Adaptors
  • Indiana Foil Surf Fuselage (incl. Cartridge)

Span: 110cm

Area: 2350cm2

Weight: 1110gr.

• Material: 100% Carbon, PET Foam, Epoxy

• Production Technique: Steel Mold

• Produced in China Includes Wing Sleeve