RIDE ENGINE Bird Machine 3'10'' Kite-Foil Board

RIDE ENGINE Bird Machine 3'10'' Kite-Foil Board

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Bird Machine Foil Board
Foil Kite 3'10''

We all have had dreams of flight as we would watch a bird gliding across a sea breeze. Riding a hydrofoil has a sense of bringing this sensation of flight close to a reality. That is why we called the Ride Engine hydrofoil kiteboard the Bird Machine. We built a board that we would all ride. Not too big getting in the way and not too small to make things hard. Smart design with precise rail chines, a bottom shape that breaks surface tension promoting deflection, a more kicked nose to achieve early planning and eliminate nose pearling, a kick tail that allows us to pump efficiently though the lulls all in a strong lightweight construction.

Perfect Board for Pump-Foiling or Dockstart.


  • Compact outline shape that planes early and offers nimble control and connection to the foil.
  • Double concave hull contour that has forward projection on touch down and breaks water surface tension for early release and controlled deflection.
  • Tail kick for pumping clearance.
  • Slight deck concave that projects better board feel and balance.
  • Lightweight EPS core in a vacuum-bag construction process.
  • Wood veneer reinforcement lamination of deck and bottom.
  • High-density foam I-beam foil box construction.
  • Full deck EVA pad with inserts for strap placement.


3'10 Length, 17.5" Width, 1.4" Thickness, 12L Volume