RIDE ENGINE Moon Body 6' Wing Foil Board

from CHF 1'649.00


compact / stable / efficient

One board for everyone. A board for everything. The Wing Craft is the all-rounder at Slingshot and is suitable for beginners as well as absolute experts due to its wide range. Uncompromisingly specialized in wingsurfing! Inspired by our coveted Kite-Foilboard Dwarf Craft, we have developed the Wing Craft. It is based on a compact platform that provides excellent conditions for pumping and at the same time precise foil control. Enriched by a flat rocker course, the clever kick-tail and enough width for a quick take-off, it puts the hearts of experienced wingsurfers in sprint frequency. In order to give him the desired versatility, we have realized a rich volume. Even heavy riders will have no problems completing their knee starts. As standard, the Wing Craft is equipped with a three-quarter deck pad, which guarantees perfect stability. Whether you're part of the surfing crew and always ride with your strong foot in front, or feel part of the crossover wingsurfer camp and change your front foot depending on the direction of travel, inserts are available in the front part of the deck for both the centrally arranged and double sloping at a 45-degree angle. So that you can transport your board and foil with only one hand and thus have the other free for the wing, the handle is inserted into the underside. Compromise solutions are a thing of the past. Whether you want to cruise relaxed, start your first driving attempts, go radically in the wave or want to define new standards in freestyle. With this board, there's no stopping or limiting factors for your personal wing adventure!


4'8" length, 24" width, 4" thickness, 60L volume

5'0" length, 25" width, 4.5" thickness, 75L volume

5'6" length, 27" width, 4.5" thickness, 90L volume

6'0" length, 29" width, 5.2" thickness, 120L volume