RIDE ENGINE Moon Body Wing Foil Board

from CHF 1'620.00


The Moon Buddy has been fully optimized for SUP foiling. Based on the design of the Escape Pod with its displacement-reducing floor contours, combined with a low fly weight and a blunt-nased design, the Moon Buddy carves rolling waves, combines the energy of the open ocean on forward-wind courses and provides a stable platform for wing surfing.

  • The shape is stable, easy to paddle and has a low flyweight weight for wing control.
  • Double concave fuselage shape with front anti-sway fin ensures forward projection, early triggering and deflection.
  • Tailkick for pumping effect.
  • Slightly concave deck that gives a better feel for the board and balance.
  • Lightweight EPS core in a vacuum construction. - Bamboo top and bottom lamination for longevity.
  • Box construction made of high-density foam with I-carrier film.
  • Full-surface EVA upholstery with insoles for straps.
  • Inconspicuous carrying handle.


5'0 Length, 26.0" Width, 4.6" Thickness, 80L Volume

6'0 Length, 29.1" Width, 5.1" Thickness, 120L Volume

7'0 Length, 31.5" Width, 5.3" Thickness, 151L Volume